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Windsurfing Queensland oversees the sport of Windsurfing throughout Queensland.  They work in association with all intra state clubs to promote and develop windsurfing in all its forms.  It is run by a group of volunteers, passionate about the sport and its promotion within the state.

The club is an incorporated, not for profit organisation and therefore requires an elected committee. 

The current committee is as follows:-

Scot Farley – President, Secretary and Publicity Officer
Bryn Somers – Vice President
Tony Matta – Treasurer
Scot Farely - AWA Representative
Bayside Club Rep – Simon Fyfe
Brisbane Windsurfing Club - Padi
QLD Freewave Association Rep - Will Johnson
Windwanderers Club Rep - Peter De Laet

Our aim is to provide a strong administrative base to oversee and promote the formation of affiliated clubs.  These third party clubs are then free to focus their efforts on running events and promoting the sport throughout the state.

Aside from a small $5.00 affiliation fee taken from each membership to cover everyday expenses we do not generate an income.  This allows the third party affiliated clubs to generate an income from their memberships and as they are "not for profit" clubs this money goes straight back into the cost of events, running the club and promotion of the sport.

Over the years we have seen that the passion and commitment of a small number of individuals goes a very long way in the promotion of our sport.  Windsurfing Queensland aims to provide the platform from which these people can provide this service in a safe way and under the protection of the insurance provided by the Australian Windsurfing Association.


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